Duneebike Corralejo TEAM

Michela | THE BOSS

I got to know the island of Fuerteventura in 2014 and settled there permanently in 2017. I immediately loved its wild aspect and the first means I used to explore it was the bike. So I thought it could be the most fun way to introduce my beloved island to everyone in a fun and unique way because I was in contact with nature, through its beauties. And here I am, continuing this adventure, dedicating myself with passion to this activity of mine and to the people I am lucky enough to meet and share it with.

Duneebike Corralejo TEAM


I discovered this island while on holiday with friends and immediately fell in love with it, especially because of the perfect climate all year round and the wonderful sea view.

I am a keen cyclist, and thanks to this means of transport I was able to discover places and see landscapes that are difficult to find or see by car.

Thanks to meeting Michela, I have had the opportunity to turn my passion into a job… and today we are taking you on a bike ride to discover another side of Fuerteventura.

Duneebike Corralejo TEAM


The bike has been my body extension since I was a child. 

I started cycling very early (6-7 years old) so I entered the professional world at 13. Thanks to my perseverance, I managed to win 3 European Championships and ride in 9 countries, until I met Michela who welcomed me into her shop. I immediately fell in love with the island, with its excellent climate and breathtaking landscapes.

The island seems to have been designed for cyclists, with lots of trails, climbs and adrenaline-filled descents.